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WebRender rendering is a opt-in feature.


WebRender with PGTK#

Emacs WebRender now supports Emacs PGTK build. To use WebRender with PGTK:

$ ./configure --with-webrender --with-pgtk

WebRender with winit(TAO)#

Winit is a cross-platform window creation and event loop management library. TAO is is a fork of winit which replaces Linux's port to Gtk, adding support for webkit2gtk, and a lot of Desktop Environment features like a menu bar, system tray, global shortcuts etc.

We are only experimenting with them to build a Emacs window system from scratch. It works to some extent. But more details need to be handled before using it in production environment. You've been warned!

Using winit#
$ ./configure --with-webrender --with-winit
Using TAO#
$ ./configure --with-webrender --with-winit=tao

OpenGL context creation#

We have implemented three means (Surfman/Glutin/Gtk3) to create a OpenGL context creation for WebRender. If the default one does not work for you. You can try with another one.


  • Surfman is used by default with winit/TAO, Glutin can be used if Surfman does not work on your device.
  • Gtk3 is used by default with PGTK, and can be used with TAO on UNIX.


Couldn't find any available vsync extension#

If you get "Couldn't find any available vsync extension" runtime panic, enabling 3D acceleration will fix it.

Random crashes with winit(TAO)#

Try building with --enable-winit-pselect

$ ./configure --with-webrender --with-winit=tao --enable-winit-pselect

Black screen/flickering with winit(TAO) and glutin on Linux#

TAO uses gtk under the hood on Linux, so you should build with --with-wr-gl=gtk3 to use gtk's gl context creation and avoid the conflict.

Last update: June 30, 2024